John 3:21

John 3:21
"It is the nature of all hypocrites and false prophets to create a conscience where there is none, and to cause conscience to disappear where it does exist." Martin Luther

Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's Done!

Our 2'nd, 2n'd vote passed to day to finalize our split from the ELCA.... PRAISE BE TO GOD!  195 for, and 51 against! 2'nd vote to adopt our changed constitution to strike any ELCA reference among other changes  192 for, 47 against! It did not go without problems though,  as those who favor the ELCA came out in full force, but percentage wise they had  lost a few supporters? At issue was this blog as those from the opposition do not care for the contents or the light that has been shown on the ELCA and Gary Wollershime.It was brought up again that until the ELCA accepts our decision to split, we are in fact aren't fully recognized as being officially split? We revised our constitution in 05' and submitted those changes to the ELCA spelling out our choices and they failed to respond within 100 days and our constitution is now in full effect. Our constitution trumps theirs period. We're following the Bible now not politics and the ELCA.
An earlier posting  here about the "Saving Faith's"  60'th anniversary celebration, out of respect has been revised and edited and apologize if things were taken out of context as emotions ran high during this time.


Bruce said...

I think the ELCA legal counsel came up with the thing about a phantom "3rd step" to the separation process. Of MUCH more interest was when one of SF's main speakers spilled the beans (perhaps inadvertently) that it was the Bishop who so graciously "set up" (the speaker's words) the group calling itself "Saving Faith." And I am not misquoting him; not sure he wanted to say that, but it came out. Oh well, it's all water under the bridge now.
Until the synod launches a lawsuit against Faith to try to get control of the building, that is.

Anonymous said...

No turning back ... thanks be to God for this outcome.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to speak prior to the vote but was not recognized by Kim even though I had my hand up. This is what I wanted to say: I wish to speak about salvation. I will not be quoting any scriptures but rather try to deliver my thoughts to you through my heart. The majority of the people in this world of ours do not endorse Christianity as their religion. However in many cases the religion under which they worship is strikingly similar to ours. They believe in the Supreme Being They believe in the afterlife. And they live what wouldst be known as a good Christian like life. They have never had the opportunity to learn about Jesus Christ our Lord. I agree with the ELCA philosophy that out most merciful God in heaven would not damn these innocent virtuous people to hell simply because - thru no fault of their own - they have never been introduced to Jesus Christ. Thank you for allowing me to express my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Why should anyone wish to launch a lawsuit against faith to take over a heavily mortgaged building?

Anonymous said...

No phantom, just fact, confirmed by the Texas secretariat of the LCMC! Seek and ye shall find!

Tony said...

That is a lot of crap. You are separated. You have followed YOUR constitution's requirements. As a matter of law, this is about two Illinois legal corporations severing a business relationship. Either one can do so in accordance with their own constitutional procedures.

Blessings to you all in your witness in Moline and its environs!

Anonymous said...

It was certainly upsetting to hear one of the "saving faith" folks unjustly verbally attack our Pastor in front of the entire congregation. It appears that this person is unaware of Matthew 18:15. Our pastor being the obedient man of God he is sat quietly while this person spoke. Before the meeting was adjourned Pastor Mark closed with prayer and most appropriately 2 Corinthians 12:10 "That is why, for Christ's sake, I delight in weakness, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong."

Tom said...

Congratulations on achieving your objectives. I will not speculate here on the motives for your intense push to separate from the ELCA, whether they are truly Biblical, mostly political, or simply personal, your writings speak volumes more than I could in a brief response.

I am sorry I was unable to attend the meeting and cast my "nay" vote, but I hope that my efforts at honest dialogue early in the process were sufficient. I only regret that the honest dialogue never really occurred for the membership of Faith. I fear that many people voted for their pastor rather than their conscience. So many people have been willing to trust the information on Faith Lutheran letterhead, regardless of what the facts, opinions, or conscience bound beliefs may say.

I am disturbed at the fervor against the ELCA. Many words have been written and spoken that are anything but Christian in their intent. I certainly hope that your community can mature beyond your sophomoric rhetoric and grow as disciples who welcome thought, learning, discussion and understanding.

To clarify the Bishop's role in Saving Faith's existence. He did not create it. Those of us who saw through the hyperbole, read our bibles, read the actual statement on human sexuality, dared to question the pastor, and who prayed a lot are those who created Saving Faith. Several months later, the Bishop and the Synod Council responded to our need for honest, caring leadership and our need for community by helping us find a place and a pastor. Later yet, Saving Faith was designated a "Synodically Authorized Worshipping Community" in recognition of the fact that we were (and are) an organized group of individual ELCA members. This designation gave us certain rights and abilities within the synod while we determine our future.

I am saddened by the events of the past year. When I joined a few years ago, I had hoped Faith Lutheran would be a loving, warm and welcoming environment. Many of the people there certainly are. Instead I stumbled into an environment of intolerance for difference, even a difference of opinion. For that reason alone I withdrew my child from the church. I still feel that God called me to be at Faith Lutheran at that time. His mysterious ways gave me the opportunity to study and pray about his words and works to a depth I had not dared engage for a long time. He allowed me to serve other members of Faith who were receptive to true discussion and discernment. For that I give thanks.

Peace be with you.

oneno said...

Tom, for some reason those in "Saving Faith" refuse to listen to those of us who have stood up on many occasions and took claim in being the leaders in chosing to stick with the Bible and allowing the ELCA to continue its pursuit to universalism without us. Pastor Mark did not start this and he's not the one who led the fight. I'll confess he did give us the tools by preparing us by preaching and teaching from the Bible, but we the people took the charge for Christ. This was never and still is not a "Pastor Mark" or a "Saving Faith" issue. It's about sticking to the word of God as stated in the Christian instruction manual known as the Bible. The ELCA is being called out by thousands and thousands for their deviation from the Bible, yet "Saving Faith" chooses to focus on Faith Lutheran LCMC and this blog. Pursue Rev. Alex G. Malasusa presiding bishop of Tanzania, or after Rev. Dr. Mark Chavez of Word Alone as they are a few of the more recognized and outspoken critics. These two are only a few as the list is unending and growing. This blog isn't a "Faith Lutheran" officially supported" blog. This is my blog and I post what I choose. I do not post names unless they have been referenced in a posted document. 99% of the contents aren't my comments but rather information found and collected from other sources and placed here for others to use as a resource. Why is there so much information about the ELCA deviating from scripture available, from all media sources across the world if the issue is allegedly a local one? Why doesn't the ELCA clearly spell out what their true objectives are and post them boldly on the front page of their website and then denounce those whose words and actions are allegedly uncharacteristic of the ELCA such as Why are you going after a symptom and not the disease. Question the ELCA yourself ask them why they allow these "untruths" if they truly don't support them. Michel Clark stated after we pointed his attention to herchurch, "I'll look into it" why hasn't he gotten back to us with his findings? Why has Faith Lutheran Church LCMC been growing and on a larger scale, why has the LCMC as a whole been thriving while the ELCA is dwindling, why does Faith have Bible based classes now more than they ever had while aligned with the ELCA? Why does Faith Lutheran now have Bibles at every pew and why does Pastor Mark preach exclusively from it? why doesn't the ELCA churches have Bibles at the pews why doesn't their Pastors preach from the Bible? Next time you are in a ELCA Church,listen to the sermon, is it scripture based? why not? I will no longer post anything further in regards to "Saving Faith" if you and the rest refrain from stoking the fire by continuing to submit to this blog. If you and the "Saving Faith" let it rest then I will as well.
I wish you and the rest of Saving Faith" well and wish you God's Peace
In HIS service

Anonymous said...

Well stated oneno. We frequent the blog for information and to check the links. This ELCA "situation" is global, certainly not self-contained in the Midwest, let alone Moline Illinois. I wish our church would take a stand, I applaud those who have and I pray ours does soon.