John 3:21

John 3:21
"It is the nature of all hypocrites and false prophets to create a conscience where there is none, and to cause conscience to disappear where it does exist." Martin Luther

Saturday, January 23, 2010

More ELCA heavyhandedness

Brothers and Sisters in Christ.  Grace and mercy to you from our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ

     As part of the network that has been following the mischief of the ELCA for a number of years, I am not surprised by the heavyhanded approach of your bishop and synod.  It is my fervent hope that sometime in the future, I will never have to use the titles "Bishop" and "Synod" in the context of our Lutheran churches.  Not only is the synod and national assembly a "top down" organization, there is no consequence to their pronouncements and decisions.  In all meetings and decisions, they diminish the importance of the local congregation.  The only needs they serve in a political sense are their own.  So, when the synod and national assembly make these horrible decisions they face no consequences.  That, unfortunately, is left to us at the local congregation.  We, not they, are left holding the bag to explain to our friends and neighbors how a body can reach such a decision of disconnect that only reflects the views of an "enlightened few."  We are left to try to explain to our friends and neighbors how such a thing could happen. 
     Luther gave as the bible in his common language so that all could benefit from scripture.  Scripture is plain for all to see.  It should not and cannot be bent to assuage common secular desires.  All scripture is holy and unbroken beginning with Moses.  If we allow one pillar of belief to be suspended because some are "uncomfortable" with it, then no pillar of belief is sacrosanct.  We are not secular humanists.  Scripture for us is the map for us to get right with Christ and live our lives as Christian people.
     This last decision by the national assembly for me is the straw that broke the camel's back.  It is not so much the Statement on Human Sexuality.  It was the disconnect and arrogance of those people to have the gall to say they speak for me when they do not. 
     I wish you well on your journey towards removing yourself from the confining arrogance of the ELCA.  Your bishop does not serve you well but in a typically ELCA fashion in trying to prey on the fears of some in your congregation.  Do not demonize your brothers and sisters who want the ELCA.  That only allows Satan to be busy.  Godspeed to all of you.

Timothy Myer
Nipomo, Calif
St. John's Lutheran Church

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