John 3:21

John 3:21
"It is the nature of all hypocrites and false prophets to create a conscience where there is none, and to cause conscience to disappear where it does exist." Martin Luther

Friday, January 29, 2010

Council Crashers!

Select members from the renegade ELCA group who go under the moniker "Saving Faith" crashed the monthly Church council meeting last night and caused quite a disruption. They would not be respectful of the meetings agenda and only wanted to shout down all who did not cower to their ignorance. They could not conduct themselves in a professional manor and came across as enraged immature heathens. The bone of contention was our recently placed ad in the religious section of the local newspaper.

The ELCA without asking (although we would not have argued)  removed us from the ELCA block of the "Local ELCA" churches ad. Therefore out of our own money paid for an ad that did not include the letters "ELCA" within it and to their chagrins it does contain "LCMC". So this disrespectful group took it upon themselves to force the issue as to who gave the approval and by whose authority? If they would attend church they would have heard as it was announced who was in the "Forward with Faith" taskforce that approved this ad. These members have stopped attending our church months ago and only comes around to cause problems and dissension.  A few show up at our 8 o'clock service to get a head count and a bulletin and after giving our Pastor dirty looks they leave and go to Trinity Lutheran (ELCA) to their ELCA approved and paid for secluded service in the general purpose facility as they wished to be left alone. The ELCA has actually paid for their own Pastor and from my understanding reimburses Trinity Lutheran the payment for the facility use. This group has not attended or given any regular support to our church for months and yet they feel that they can come and disrupt our meetings. Do they not have a conscience and don't they feel guilty for being so disrespectful and hateful in a house of GOD!. They cannot accept loss being in the minority and move on so now we have to tolerate their insolence on a grand scale. We already know that they will attempt to disrupt our annual meeting on this month and try again to shout down all of those who don't side with them even though the vast majority (over 80 percent) of our church does not agree with them.  The ELCA is fully aware of their tactics and condones this disrespectful behavior. When will this stop and when will they accept that by their turning their back on scripture and siding with the ELCA is what is causing the problems they have and we all need to heal and move on.


Jamieson said...

It's pretty clear Faith made the right choice here as evident from this really nasty backlash. Stay strong that 2nd vote is coming soon. Know that many on the LCMC lists are lifting Faith up in prayer!

bruceb5792 said...

I really can't understand this type of behavior. As I've observed on many other occasions, there are at least 9 ELCA churches on the Illinois side of the quad cities alone, not counting places like Geneseo. They have plenty of options. Is the synod fanning the flames purely to harass Faith?

Tony Stoutenburg said...

Do you have to endure this kind of behavior? Yup. Remember that they are your cross and that we are to bear them, love them, and pray for them.

I know you know this, but please also know that we pray for you to have strength in your labor.